Our Story

The current property and building purchase were part of a transaction that was completed in late 2021. The entire property was in a state of disrepair, with overgrown weeds, broken fences, and buildings that have been unoccupied for decades. Pingora Ventures retained a local architect, and plans are complete for drastic improvements to the 100+ year old building to come alive serving ice cream to visitors on our famous Route 66 within view of the Powerhouse and new drive through Route 66 shield.

The building has been vacant for over 30 years, is made of solid stone, and is a gem in Route 66’s history. It requires a special touch for construction due to its age and character. We are excited to bring this building back to life as Scoops on 66, a walk-up ice cream shop. The flip open windows are a unique concept within the overall project, respecting the vintage character of the stone building that was built long before ADA accessibility was invented. The inviting character of this little stone building will encourage visitors to stop in for a treat and encourage them to explore other local attractions along Route 66.

Scoops on 66 will take advantage of the traffic that travels through downtown Kingman on historic Route 66. The historic building will be accessorized with vintage touches that promote the look and feel of the rich history in Kingman’s downtown district. Scoops will be visible to visitors traveling by car and walking on foot throughout the various local historic venues.

Dedicated to Route 66, its history, and its energy, we partnered with a small, craft, super premium ice cream maker from Flagstaff, Arizona, also located on the famous Mother Road. Stop in for a scoop of the best ice cream you’ve ever experienced! Scoops expects to be a valuable addition to the many local events, festivals and tours traveling through downtown businesses.

Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience on Route 66 in Kingman, AZ. Whether it’s an overnight stay in the boutique vintage Airstream community, Tin Can Alley, on the same property, or serving world-class coffee in Mudd on 66, or satisfying the need for indulgence with an ice cream scoop on a hot afternoon at Scoops on 66, the visit will be unforgettable.